• Get to Know 2018 President Tom Gustafson

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    Born in Sioux City, Iowa, Tom Gustafson has spent most of his life in Southern California.  He received a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Economics from Cal State Fullerton and then a Masters in Public Administration from Long Beach State.   His work career began in Municipal Government but he has spent 30 plus years in the golf business.  He worked for the Southern California Golf Association for 10 years and spent his last 5 years as their Executive Director.  Tom then went to work for the Southern California Section of the PGA for 15 years as their Executive Director/CEO.  Afterwards he became a consultant to the golf industry.
    Gustafson has always loved sports.  Growing up he played baseball and basketball.  He began playing golf with some buddies in high school and has enjoyed the game ever since.  When one works in the business of golf people assume that you play a lot of golf–but that is not the case.  He has played more golf since retiring.
    Tom and his wife Kathy stay busy with their 4 sons and 10 grandchildren, but golf is still an important part of their lives.  Kathy has served for the last 30 years as the Executive Director of the Seniors Golf Association of Southern California and Tom has served on the Board of Governors of the California Seniors for the past 8 years.


    What are you looking forward to as Cal Seniors President?

    Working with the Cal Seniors Board of Governors which consists of five Governors from Northern California and five from Southern California.  Also, I am looking forward to serving the members of our organization and conducting our Two-Day Championship for the first time in San Diego (June 25 & 26) and our Four-Ball event in Napa (October 30 & 31).
    How did you first get started with golf?
    I first got started playing golf with some buddies of mine while in high school.  But being hired to work for the SCGA was my real start with golf.
    What is your greatest golf memory or moment?
    My greatest golf memory was playing golf in Scotland with my wife and another couple.  We played some Open courses including the Old Course at St Andrews, Muirfield and Carnoustie.
    Anything you would change with the game? 
    As with many avid golfers, I would like to see the pace of play improved and the Rules of Golf simplified – which is coming.
    What is your favorite course and why? 
    I would say my favorite course to play would be Glendora Country Club where I was a member for many years.  However, from a pure golf experience playing Cypress Point and Pine Valley was a thrill.
    What courses are still on your wish list? 
    A number of courses in Scotland and Ireland.  And of course, Augusta National!
    Who was your biggest golf influence?

    The two gentlemen who hired me to work for the SCGA – Newell Pinch and Tom Morgan.  Unfortunately, both have since passed away,

    What is your favorite golf book?

    Alister MacKenzie’s Cypress Point Club by Geoff Shackelford which was given to me by Lee Schmidt & Brian Curley.

    What do you enjoy doing besides golf?  
    Spending time with my wife, Kathy and our children & grandchildren.  I also enjoy travel and want to see more of the U.S., as well as take another trip to Scotland, and this time – include Ireland!

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