• 70th Annual California Seniors’ Golf Association Championship

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  • 2013 CSGA President: Bob Scarpitto

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    2013 CSGA President: Bob Scarpitto

    Bob Scarpitto, the 2013 CSGA President, has been a member of the CSGA for 12 years and has served nine of those years on the board of directors. Before developing a passion for golf, Scarpitto loved another sport, football, which he played eight years professionally and collegiately at Notre Dame. Scarpitto finds plenty of time to make golf a priority in life, and can be found playing out near his home in Carmel Valley at Quail Lodge GC.

    What are you looking forward to the most as president of CSGA in 2013?

    Well, this will be my final year on the board, so I am looking forward to 2013. Hopefully we can get the membership up to the full amount of 300 people. It’s been a little hard the last couple years to keep the membership up, I think because there are a lot of other tournaments going on. But hopefully we’ll be able to fill it back up under my reign.  

    Why did you become a member of the CSGA?

    A bunch of my friends over at Monterey Peninsula Country Club were members of the CSGA and they were the ones that got me to join.

    How did you get started in golf?

    I played a little bit while I was in college, but I never really played it [regularly] until I finished football. When I got into business and got out of football, that’s when I really started playing.

    You played eight years (1961-68) in the old AFL as a punter and receiver, primarily with the Denver Broncos. What memory stands out most to you from your professional football career?

    The greatest memories were running [fake punts] from punt formation. There was two times where I ran for touchdowns from punt formation, both times were against the San Diego Chargers. The first time against San Diego, they had set up a wall [of blockers] to return the punt, but what had happened was that [San Diego] had blocked my own team for me because they didn’t realize I hadn’t punted the ball. So I got inside of their wall [of blockers] and ran right up the sideline and avoided the return man—because he was the only one that realized it was a fake—for the touchdown.

    What’s you’re greatest moment on the golf course?

    I’ve had three holes-in-one, but the first one was real special. I was at Merced Country Club, a little short par-3 about 120 yards and I hit a nine-iron.

    If you could change one rule of golf, what would it be and why?

    The only thing that I would like to see is more penalties enforced for slow play. In our tournaments with the CSGA, and I’m sure is the case with most tournaments, [a big issue] is slow play.


    Who comprises of your dream foursome and what course would you play at?

    I would say Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino and Bubba Watson at Pebble Beach GL. I would really want to hear what Trevino has to say about Bubba’s game.